Cute shop of the week

I'm following the blog of Fantastic Toys for a while now. And I love the world of Fantastic Toys where handmade collectible plush are made. Friends of the forest frolic in this land of adorable toys. Here you'll find lovely fawns, cute critters along with some adorable fairies and gnomes. Just so cute.

Fantastic toys website
Fantastic toys blog


Cute shop of the week

I want to add a new part to my blog called: 'Cute shop of the week', every week a new shop with cute handmade products.

This week Jinjerup will be 'Cute shop of the week'.

Jinjerup is your source for cute prints & inspirations! The lady behind Jinjerup is Lynn. In her Etsy shop you'll find lots of cute digital stationery sets. You buy the digital version, print & cut it yourself and you'll have a set of sweet cards, envelopes, labels and stickers.
On her blog (one of the three she's got) you find every week the 'Freebie of the week'. This week you can print&cut the Christmas Penguin & Snowmen Bookmarks.
So for the people who still need cute cards&labels for their christmas presents, go to the Jinjerup shop and buy a nice set.

New Logo, new design, new website

The last couple of weeks I was not satisfyed with the design of my logo and website. So I decide to change them. The logo hasn't been changed that much only the sloga and the circel around it. The website I've changed every part of it. It took a few evenings to design it but I think it looks a little more professional and clean now, don't you think? And of course I also changed this blog a little bit in the same style as the website.

I know, I know, it's still only in Dutch but I'm planning to make the whole website also in English, special for you who are from outside The Netherlands.

There are a few more things going on.
First there's something to win on the Dutch website Wauw. You can enter the competition by leaving a message with your favorite Essie's product. And maybe you'll be the winner of the check of € 10,- which you can spend in my shop.

And...  I'm designing/sewing some new products. I'm not going to tell you what it's going to be, but it's something with jeans. Just come back here in a couple of weeks.


New fabrics

New fabrics means new products. The little keychain wallets are back. They're just big enough for your creditcard, money and some coins. Aren't they sweet with the cute little animals and flowers?
The wallet with the lamps is a new design with a lot of slots for all your cards.

Also I've been working/designing on a new logo and website for myself. I didn't like the design of it the last few weeks so I decided to make a new logo and a fresh new website. Soon it will be online.


Thank you!!

Today I found two very nice emails in my in-box. One from Sabrina from Sagra design in Germany and the other email came from Jessica from the Mad about pink blog. They both made me happy with pictures of my products.
These pictures came from Sabrina, I wrote about her and her lovely shop before. Now she had made a special 'Essie's table' with all my products available in her shop. How nice!!

This is the other surprise from Jessica. She wrote an article about me&my shop. Because I've made four custum pillow sleeves of Amy Butler fabric for her living and bedroom. She told me she's in love with them, now I can't wait to see pictures of both rooms with my pillows in it.


Would you like to win..?!?!?

Sorry, this post is only for readers from the Netherlands.

Wil je kans maken op dit originele Ipod Nano hoesje?
Ga dan naar: Hiphandmade.nl, geef antwoord op de vraag en wie weet win jij straks dit leuke Essie's hoesje van stof met een voering van vilt om je Ipod te beschermen. Succes!!!


Look how cute...

...they are, these little soft cupcake keychains. I think I'm a bit addict to making cupcake products the 'Make cupcakes not war' T-shirt before and now these little sweeties. They are available in my shop for € 4,50 each. Maybe this is a nice present for under the christmas tree for your cousin, daughter, friend or sister.


Make cupcakes not war T-shirt

Maak een statement met je T-shirt en draag dit leuke 'Make cupcakes not war' shirt. Natuurlijk is hij gemaakt van 100% organisch katoen. Verkrijgbaar in de maten S t/m XL voor € 17,50.  En tot 24-12-'09 betaal je geen verzendkosten.



This week I was featured twice on two different websites/blogs.
The first time was on the Foundhandmade blog. They used my christmas star ornament.

And the second time was on the website of Hip Handmade.nl (a Dutch website). Cindy from Hip Handmade wrote a very nice and positive article about me. Next week there will be a give-away and you can win one of my Ipod Nano covers.


Christmas discount

Today I've been very busy making the Dutch newsletter. I hope I can send it tomorrow to the newsletter members. And I've got some ecxiting news to: In my Dawanda shop and Dutch shop you don't have to pay any shipping costs (world wide) for purchases above € 7,50 untill: 24-12-2009.

And I listed some christmas star ornaments to hang in your christmas tree or room.

Kreativ blogger award

Yeah, Yesterday I've received an award form ♥Liefgeval♥, it's the 'Kreativ blogger award'. So thank you Nikki!! (Who makes lovely earrings, rings, necklaces and much more, go to her shop and have a look)

There are a few rules coming with the Kreativ Blogger award:
º Put the award with message on your Blog.
º Little message and link to the one you got it from.
º Tell us 7 things about you we didn't know.
º Choose 7 other bloggers who you want to give this award, link to them and let them know you gave them the award!

Here're the 7 know me's:
º I'm addicted to candy, how sweeter how better. My favorite is white chocolat, yammy ;)
º I'm trying to live my life a bit more 'green'.
º I'm always watching all 'home make-over' programs.
º I graduated at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht.
º I love snowboarding in the winter, but for the third year in a row I'm not going to France or Austria becausethis year we go to Chile.
º I've got one younger sister, who's is an exelent ice speed skater.
º I'm not a out-going person, I prefer to stay home.

I have to give this award to 7 other bloggers I like, but for now I think 5 is enough. These are the blogs that I think deserve this award!


Nice package!!

A few weeks ago I told you that I've participated in the Shop&Blog swap on Swapbot. Yesterday I've received my first package from Ladipo from Structured Chaos. It came in a big yellow enveloppe and the products were wrapped in a nice paper that she had closed by stitching it.

The package contained: a cute little Ladi bag, a cupcake journal, and a note.

The bag is very beautiful and it closes with a zipper you can't see in the picture. My sister almost steal it from me, but that's not gonna happen. The journal is so cute, I think I'm goning to write some recipes in it.

Here you can read some information about Pattie and her shop&blog. It's to bad she's not longer afford to keep her shop open (for now). Because the products she make are so beautiful and well made.

Ladipo is the youngest of seven and a college student majoring in interior design, with a passion to create! Her mind is always going, there really isn't a time where she's not deep in thought of something new to make. It is so exciting trying for her to figure out a way to create something amazingly new from the old.

She's been a victim of creation since she was young. When she was in kindergarten she was put in charge of all of the sewing projects, and it has been up-hill from there. Now she works from her studio, also known as her room, in her apartment just outside of campus. She plans to go as far as she can doing something she loves. And this is just the beginning! :)

A bit about yourself:
My name is Ladipo, I am 20. I am the youngest of seven, and was raised with a love for all things handmade. I currently am a freshmen in college, but I have been here for 2 years now.
What made you start your business:
It was a combination of things, but mainly it was when I came to college and I told myself that I was no longer going to hide behind my fear of failure, and I was going to open me a shop! I'm really happy that I did :) I learned so much and met many wonderful people.
What you plan to accomplish with your business:
I really don't know actually. I just want to have fun, and make people happy.
What you get most out of having your own business:
When I complete a project I get this feeling of self accomplishment. I guess it is kind of selfish, but I don't mind it that much :)
Your favorite independently owned online shop:
Currently I am loving... http://www.etsy.com/shop/fibrevolution (fiber -> evolution) http://www.etsy.com/shop/chelsea3349 (lovely little shop)
http://www.etsy.com/shop/OhSmile (Oh Smile)
http://www.etsy.com/shop/Makool (Makool Loves You)
Online Shop Address: http://www.structuredchaos.net/


Feestdagen korting bij Essie's

Vind jij de decembermaand ook zo duur met alle cadeau's die je 'moet' kopen?

Dan heeft Essie's een leuke kortingsactie. Wil je weten wat de actie precies inhoudt? Meld je dan hier aan voor de nieuwsbrief (rechts bovenaan de pagina) en ontvang de nieuwsbrief met de aankomende actie.

Stel je (blog)vrienden, familie en collega's hiervan op de hoogte, zodat zij ook kunnen profiteren van de kortingsactie.


Finally finished

This evening I finally finished the last little keychain of 30 little keychains for a whole sale order from Sagra in Germany. The order includes: large keychains, frame purses, all-in-one wallets, etuis and little keychains. It took me a few days of sewing but I'm very glad and satisfied it's done.



Last month I have taken part in a swap with Swap-bot. For those of you who don't know about Swap-bot, it's an on-line community where you can swap all sorts of things, loads of 'crafty type' swaps going on. I entered a Shop&Blog swap - you get to find 2 new online shops and the people behind them. Now I'm waiting for the two shops where I have to blog about.

Meanwhile the two shops I've send my products to blogged about me&my products. The first one is Marlies 'Birds on the wire' from the Netherlands, the second one is Tanya from ' V for Violet' from England. They both blogged about my shop in a very positive way, with a lot of compliments about my products. I'm very honored by the way they both write about me. Thank you Marlies & Tanya!

Did any of you participate in a swap on Swap-bot? And what kind of swap?


My first amigurumi

Yesterday hubby gave me a amigurumi book, he found it in a cheap bookstore in town. He's so sweet.. Although I crocheted my last beanie a year ago I haven't forget how to do it. My first amigurumi became a blue penguin, he's 6 cm. tall and he was more diffucult to make than a simple beanie. But I'm very happy with the result. The penguin in the original pattern hasen't got arms & feet and to me that one also could be an owl. So I decided to give him some. This penguin is definitly not the last amugurumi I crocheted. Did you every (try to) crochet? And what did you make?

I realise this is the second penguin blog in a row...


I won, I won, I won

I was on of the lucky people who won a 'Make-your-own penguin kit' on the Paper-and-string blog. The only thing I had to do to join was leaving a comment on th eblog. It's a kit with felt and ribbons to make 2 cute penguins. I've finished one right now, isn't he cute.
Did you ever won anything..?



Do you know what this is?

And this?

....... It's a purse!!

My mum gave it to me as a gift. She bought it at Waterloplein in Amsterdam.
I think it's a very funny purse and it's made of one long zipper. There's a webiste to: http://www.zipitzipperbags.com/ they make more fun products from zippers. Like pencil cases, bags and clutches and their website is as colorful as their products. Have a look an zip-it ;)


New products in the shop

One week ago I came back from my vacation on Mallorca, it was very relaxing. A bit of swimming, boattrips, laying on the beach and more. Since then I've been working on some new produtcs I want to share with you. Like: Accordion wallets, Etuis and All-in-one wallets. I'm curious what you think about them and if you like the new designs. I want to make some more to fill my shop with before sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition, a little bit like christmas) and christmas. Because december is the busiest month in my shop.


Vote for Essie's and win!!

I need a little bit of your help today.

At the Dutch website ToDoplein.nl I can win a advertising campaign with a value of € 250,- I think that's not bad at all. Now the only thing you have to do is: go to the website and vote for Essie's in the left column, and leave a comment here on my blog to let me know you've vote for me. After october 15th, I'll choose a someone (random) who would be the lucky winner of a cute little Essie's present. The group of people I'll choose from would also include the people who vote for me on my website and hyves page.


Lipstick etui

My mum asked me to design an etui for her for all her lipsticks, who are all together with her keys, money, cards and other stuff ass a mess in her bag. So I've been sewing a lipstick etui for her.

It's got 6 little pockets for lipsticks on one side and 2 pockets for a mirror or anything else on teh otherside. It's fully interfaced, and closes with a zipper. The size is 19x11 cm. I'm very curious about your opion about it. Do you think it's usefull, would you buy one (if you use lipsticks). Just telle me, right now I don't know if I'm gonna sew some more.


Craft show pictures

I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of a few craft shows where I sold my products lately.
This is me at the Bazar Bizar in Rotterdam july '09. This was on a very nice sunny&warm day.

Our booth at the Craftymarkt Amsterdam last december
My sweet craftfriend and (neighbour) Helga from Hellie's world.
We always go together to craftshows, sometimes we share one booth.
This is at Bazar Bizar in Rotterdam
Another picture of Helga behind our booth at the Craftymarkt in Tilburg november '08. This day was so cold, we were sitting in our chairs with blankets over our legs brrr. You have to look very good but you can see Helga wears blanket like a skirt here.


Amigurumi Kitty cat

I did a swap with Janie who I met at a website somewhere, I realy can't remember where. I saw a picture of a amigurumi cat she had made. And asked her if she was able to make one who look like my cat named Skillz. I sent her a few pictures, she sent me a drawing of the amigurumi Skillz back and 3 weeks later I received my little amigurumi mini Skillz.
He's so cute with his big head and big eyes, I think he realy looks like my cat. I love him, now he's standing in the livingroom watching me with his big eyes when I sit on the couch. Unfortunately Janie hasen't got a website but she does have a Hyve (Dutch) and a Flickr page. Ow, and what I sent back to Janie was a felted etui and a pink cotton etui.


Home made soapchains

This is something I wanted to make for a longer time: Soapchains (I don't know if this is the right word in English, because I almost can't find any information about it in English.) I bought some pieces of soap online and was able to choose the color and aroma by my self, 3 days later it arrived. You only have to melt the soap, put it in a icecube form. Wait untill it's cold and hard and you can make the most beautiful soapchains/strings of it. Just hang them in your bathroom, toilet or sleepingroom and it will leave a nice fragrant behind. The chains in the pictures are for sale in my shop.