Mirror mirror on the wall..

Those little mirrors have a felted back so they won't break easily in your purse bag. It's always nice to have one with you in case you have to check your make- up. I like them very much because of the bright and different colors. They're easy and fun to make and I will ad some more to my shop soon. After I've received my camera back. My sister is in China and hasen't got a camera that's why she lends mine. This picture is made with my (new) mobile phone, but I'm not that happy with the pictures. They're a little to dark and I have to adapt them to much in Photoshop.


From blanket cover to chair cover

Beacause I had a ugly dark blue chair that a friend of my mom gave to my (they bought new chairs at her office). I made a new colorfull cover for it. It's made of a old Ikea blanket cover that was on my bed 6 years ago and now I found it in my closet. I'm happy with it because it remebers me of that good old time.


Essie's craft room

Today I decided to share some pictures of my little craft room with you. We've moved in to this house a few months ago and I had one demand; a craft room only for me. Tada... here it is, I'm very happy with it. As you can see my cat Skillz loves to sleep next to me in the windowsill.


Essie's @ Dawanda frontpage

Today I was featured with my green dots etui at the frontpage of Dawanda.
I hope it brings me a few more visitors and maybe some extra customers ;)


A few months ago I bought this cute Littlebighead plushie at Melon1's who makes really great, cool, cute, adorable and soft plushies in pastel colors. I love the products she made, it makes me a little greedy.

New tattoo!!

Yesterday I got my third and last (well just for now) tattoo. It's a pink lotus flower and it didn't hurt at all it just tickled a bit. It only lasted 30 min. to paint it. At the picture he's a little dark but in a few weeks he becomes lighter.