My craftroom

It was a lovely sunny day today and I took some new photo's of my craftroom. I thought it would be fun to share them with you. When we where looking around for a new house to buy my boyfriend and I both want a own room. That happend, I got my own it's not that big (3x2 meters) but I'm very happy with it. And he got his at the attic (his music room). If you would like to know something more about my room, check my Flickr. (I've put some notes in the pictures). I'm very curious what you think about it and if you like it...



Yay! I was featured on the lovely blog of Paper Girl Productions. She has used a picture of one of my litlle clutches that I've add to her flickr group: papergirlproductions.


Monkey business

Last week I received a email of a women I don't know. She told me she loves the lotus tattoo on my feet and told she had a monkey tattoo on her feet herself. After she's seen the products I made on my website she asked me to make a personal monkey keychain for her. That's no problem for me ofcourse. So I started drawing a monkey, cut it out felt and sew it for her. I realy enjoyed it to make it for her and used the colors she's got on her feet. Here you see her tattoo and the monkey I made.


Felted brooche flowers

It's spring!! That means; nice and sunny weather, happy people, going out. That made me want to make something to do with it. I've made some felted flower brooches. They're cute, colorful and very soft, with a brooche pinn on the back.