Fabric paintings

With the new fabrics I bought last week at the Fresh Squeezed Fabrics's shop on Etsy I've made these tree cute paintings.

They're very easy to make; just cut out a piece of fabric that's the same size as the glass, glue it on a piece of paper with the same size and put it in the frame behind the glass. (I bought the wooden frames at Hema.) Now you have a cute, cheap and d.i.y. frame. You can match the fabric with your interior and easily change the fabric when you get borde with it.

I choose three different green fabrics that matches my green curtains in the bedroom. The wallpaper is like a soft tree bark structure from National Geographic.

Good luck with making your paintings and don't forget to show some pictures.

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work-and-process zei

Wat een goed idee.
Heel erg bedankt voor het stemmen!