Lot's of new stuff in my shop

Yesterday we had a nice day at the craft fair (Bazar Bizar, Rotterdam). We = me and my friend Helga (Hellie's World, soon online). We had luck with the weather, the prospect wasn't very good for yesterday. A lot of rain and thunder they had predict, but fortunatly the sun had shined the whole day and there was not one raindrop. Unfortunatly there wasn't a lot of public at the fair, most friends from sellers, but we've sold nice. I'll post some pictures later this week.

Before the fair I had made a lot of new products to sell there and now I got a lot left. So today I've been taking pictures of them and put them in my webshop www.essies.net and my Dawanda shop. There are a few new designs like: baby shoes, napkin scales and coasters.

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madj zei

I love your work. I have become a follower and you are in my blog roll. Off to your dawanda shop now!