Sagra Design

A few months ago I received an e-mail from Sabrina from Germany. She told me she owns a shop where she only sell handmade products. And she would love to sell some of my products in her shop. It was a nice suprise and she bought some products like: keychains, little wallets, make-up bags and purses.
Tree weeks ago she opened her shop called Sagra Design and send me some pictures of the evening before. (unfortunately the pictures are a little dark and blurry) You can see a few of my products in the pictures. Her shop looks very lovely and cosy. With soft pink, white and blue colors and a beautiful wooden closet with flower ornaments. The shop is located in the south of Germany, a little to far away for a visit for me. But maybe when you're around you can visit her shop.
The adress of the shop is:
Tumringer Str. 223
D-79539 Lorrach

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