Amigurumi Kitty cat

I did a swap with Janie who I met at a website somewhere, I realy can't remember where. I saw a picture of a amigurumi cat she had made. And asked her if she was able to make one who look like my cat named Skillz. I sent her a few pictures, she sent me a drawing of the amigurumi Skillz back and 3 weeks later I received my little amigurumi mini Skillz.
He's so cute with his big head and big eyes, I think he realy looks like my cat. I love him, now he's standing in the livingroom watching me with his big eyes when I sit on the couch. Unfortunately Janie hasen't got a website but she does have a Hyve (Dutch) and a Flickr page. Ow, and what I sent back to Janie was a felted etui and a pink cotton etui.


Home made soapchains

This is something I wanted to make for a longer time: Soapchains (I don't know if this is the right word in English, because I almost can't find any information about it in English.) I bought some pieces of soap online and was able to choose the color and aroma by my self, 3 days later it arrived. You only have to melt the soap, put it in a icecube form. Wait untill it's cold and hard and you can make the most beautiful soapchains/strings of it. Just hang them in your bathroom, toilet or sleepingroom and it will leave a nice fragrant behind. The chains in the pictures are for sale in my shop.


Giveaway winner

A few days ago I announced the winner of the giveaway, it was Magdalena. She told me she is very happy with the products she received from Essie's. And send me a photo of the felt matryoshka keychain hanging on her bag. I would love to share it with you because I think it looks cute and matches the colors on her bag.

Finally finished

Woehoe, I finally finished all the products for Sagra Design in Germany. Yesterday evening (late in the evening) I've finished the five large keychains. So now we've got 6 zipper wallets, 6 wallets, 6 frame wallets, 5 large keychains and 10 small keychains. I just brought the package to the postoffice and I hope Sabrina will receive everything very soon, so she could put everything in her beautiful shop.


New wallets in shop

Last week I've posted a picture of frame wallets which I had made for Sabrina in Germany. I had to pick two of them who stay here and will be for sale in my shop. And I've made a choice: This are the two wallets I picked and are for sale now in my Dawanda shop.


More wallets for Sabrina

More zipped wallets for Sabrina in Germany.


And the winner is...

There were more people joining the giveaway as I expected. So that's very nice.
Number 16 is the winner of the giveaway, it's Magdalena who had chosen picture C. The random number generator has picked her number.

Congratulations, please email me your adress Magdalena so I can send the package to you soon. I hope you'll enjoy all these cute products.
Thanks to everybody who joined! I'll do a giveaway again very soon so keep visiting my blog in the future to join again.


More wallets

And also these cute wallets will go to Sabrina in Germany. Actually not all of them, two will stay here and will be available in my webshop. It's hard to make a choice which two... Whichone do you prefer.


Wallets, wallets and more wallets

These little wallets with two pockets inside are ready to be send to the lovely shop of Sabrina in Germany called 'Sagra Design'. Within two weeks more products will be add, like wallets with a zipper and keychains. I hope she and her customers will love these products.


Babyroom decoration

A few days ago I was in a pink-heart mood and made this felt decoration for the babyroom. I think it's a nice present or gift for a pregnant friend. And it will be standing cute on the wall or in front of the window, what do you think?
Maybe I'm gonna make one with blue hearts for a little boy.