Craft show pictures

I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of a few craft shows where I sold my products lately.
This is me at the Bazar Bizar in Rotterdam july '09. This was on a very nice sunny&warm day.

Our booth at the Craftymarkt Amsterdam last december
My sweet craftfriend and (neighbour) Helga from Hellie's world.
We always go together to craftshows, sometimes we share one booth.
This is at Bazar Bizar in Rotterdam
Another picture of Helga behind our booth at the Craftymarkt in Tilburg november '08. This day was so cold, we were sitting in our chairs with blankets over our legs brrr. You have to look very good but you can see Helga wears blanket like a skirt here.

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Tizzalicious zei

Your booth looks great!

Pattie zei

Craft shows always look so fun :)

Maybe one day I'll participate in one!