Lipstick etui

My mum asked me to design an etui for her for all her lipsticks, who are all together with her keys, money, cards and other stuff ass a mess in her bag. So I've been sewing a lipstick etui for her.

It's got 6 little pockets for lipsticks on one side and 2 pockets for a mirror or anything else on teh otherside. It's fully interfaced, and closes with a zipper. The size is 19x11 cm. I'm very curious about your opion about it. Do you think it's usefull, would you buy one (if you use lipsticks). Just telle me, right now I don't know if I'm gonna sew some more.

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Brad zei

Both my mom and sister carry so many lipsticks in their bags,all colors and sunscreen sticks too.
Probably ladies will like and buy these.
My grooming bag has my razors,shaving cream,nail clippers, after shave,etc.
Men might like a masculine case.
Have a great morning !

clare's craftroom zei

I think it's great , I'd like one and I don't wear lipstick !

Grietje zei

Ik kom hier aanwaaien via little Z, je maakt mooie (en ook leuke) dingen zeg!