Vote for Essie's and win!!

I need a little bit of your help today.

At the Dutch website ToDoplein.nl I can win a advertising campaign with a value of € 250,- I think that's not bad at all. Now the only thing you have to do is: go to the website and vote for Essie's in the left column, and leave a comment here on my blog to let me know you've vote for me. After october 15th, I'll choose a someone (random) who would be the lucky winner of a cute little Essie's present. The group of people I'll choose from would also include the people who vote for me on my website and hyves page.

5 reacties:

Tizzalicious zei

Ik heb voor je gestemd. Ik hoop dat het helpt! :)

work-and-process zei

gestemd! succes!

Brad zei

I just voted for you at the link, but I won't enter the contest as I'm a guy and it's more of a lady's thing.
Hope you win !

Astrid zei

Ik heb voor je gestemd. Veel succes.

Elise zei

Good luck !