Last month I have taken part in a swap with Swap-bot. For those of you who don't know about Swap-bot, it's an on-line community where you can swap all sorts of things, loads of 'crafty type' swaps going on. I entered a Shop&Blog swap - you get to find 2 new online shops and the people behind them. Now I'm waiting for the two shops where I have to blog about.

Meanwhile the two shops I've send my products to blogged about me&my products. The first one is Marlies 'Birds on the wire' from the Netherlands, the second one is Tanya from ' V for Violet' from England. They both blogged about my shop in a very positive way, with a lot of compliments about my products. I'm very honored by the way they both write about me. Thank you Marlies & Tanya!

Did any of you participate in a swap on Swap-bot? And what kind of swap?


My first amigurumi

Yesterday hubby gave me a amigurumi book, he found it in a cheap bookstore in town. He's so sweet.. Although I crocheted my last beanie a year ago I haven't forget how to do it. My first amigurumi became a blue penguin, he's 6 cm. tall and he was more diffucult to make than a simple beanie. But I'm very happy with the result. The penguin in the original pattern hasen't got arms & feet and to me that one also could be an owl. So I decided to give him some. This penguin is definitly not the last amugurumi I crocheted. Did you every (try to) crochet? And what did you make?

I realise this is the second penguin blog in a row...


I won, I won, I won

I was on of the lucky people who won a 'Make-your-own penguin kit' on the Paper-and-string blog. The only thing I had to do to join was leaving a comment on th eblog. It's a kit with felt and ribbons to make 2 cute penguins. I've finished one right now, isn't he cute.
Did you ever won anything..?



Do you know what this is?

And this?

....... It's a purse!!

My mum gave it to me as a gift. She bought it at Waterloplein in Amsterdam.
I think it's a very funny purse and it's made of one long zipper. There's a webiste to: http://www.zipitzipperbags.com/ they make more fun products from zippers. Like pencil cases, bags and clutches and their website is as colorful as their products. Have a look an zip-it ;)


New products in the shop

One week ago I came back from my vacation on Mallorca, it was very relaxing. A bit of swimming, boattrips, laying on the beach and more. Since then I've been working on some new produtcs I want to share with you. Like: Accordion wallets, Etuis and All-in-one wallets. I'm curious what you think about them and if you like the new designs. I want to make some more to fill my shop with before sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition, a little bit like christmas) and christmas. Because december is the busiest month in my shop.