I won, I won, I won

I was on of the lucky people who won a 'Make-your-own penguin kit' on the Paper-and-string blog. The only thing I had to do to join was leaving a comment on th eblog. It's a kit with felt and ribbons to make 2 cute penguins. I've finished one right now, isn't he cute.
Did you ever won anything..?

2 reacties:

Pattie zei

Yay congratulations!
And yes he is super cute :)

I actually have won several blog giveaways, which is really weird because in non-virtual life I lose pretty bad...but winning feels very nice :)

Nikki ~Liefgeval~ zei

I have absolutely never won anything! It's like I'm cursed or
something :( boehoehoe
But the pinguin is adorable!