My first amigurumi

Yesterday hubby gave me a amigurumi book, he found it in a cheap bookstore in town. He's so sweet.. Although I crocheted my last beanie a year ago I haven't forget how to do it. My first amigurumi became a blue penguin, he's 6 cm. tall and he was more diffucult to make than a simple beanie. But I'm very happy with the result. The penguin in the original pattern hasen't got arms & feet and to me that one also could be an owl. So I decided to give him some. This penguin is definitly not the last amugurumi I crocheted. Did you every (try to) crochet? And what did you make?

I realise this is the second penguin blog in a row...

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Kathleen Dalseno zei

so cute!!!You did well for your first amigurumi!! My fist amigurumi was a bird too! SInce then, I have gone one to robots and cows and pigs etc.
I recently went on to make my own patterns!!

Alien patterns! DO you like it?

Essie's handcraft cuteness zei

@ Kathleen, Thank you! You're The 1BDi Series Amigurumi Crochet Pattern is very cute.

Anoniem zei

It's so cute! Love it!

Noni zei

Leuk! Leuk! Leuk! ^-^

Helli's World zei

Ahhh hij is echt zoooo schattig!!!

Tizzalicious zei

Wat een liefje! Ik wou dat ik kon haken :(