Cute shop of the week

I'm following the blog of Fantastic Toys for a while now. And I love the world of Fantastic Toys where handmade collectible plush are made. Friends of the forest frolic in this land of adorable toys. Here you'll find lovely fawns, cute critters along with some adorable fairies and gnomes. Just so cute.

Fantastic toys website
Fantastic toys blog


Cute shop of the week

I want to add a new part to my blog called: 'Cute shop of the week', every week a new shop with cute handmade products.

This week Jinjerup will be 'Cute shop of the week'.

Jinjerup is your source for cute prints & inspirations! The lady behind Jinjerup is Lynn. In her Etsy shop you'll find lots of cute digital stationery sets. You buy the digital version, print & cut it yourself and you'll have a set of sweet cards, envelopes, labels and stickers.
On her blog (one of the three she's got) you find every week the 'Freebie of the week'. This week you can print&cut the Christmas Penguin & Snowmen Bookmarks.
So for the people who still need cute cards&labels for their christmas presents, go to the Jinjerup shop and buy a nice set.

New Logo, new design, new website

The last couple of weeks I was not satisfyed with the design of my logo and website. So I decide to change them. The logo hasn't been changed that much only the sloga and the circel around it. The website I've changed every part of it. It took a few evenings to design it but I think it looks a little more professional and clean now, don't you think? And of course I also changed this blog a little bit in the same style as the website.

I know, I know, it's still only in Dutch but I'm planning to make the whole website also in English, special for you who are from outside The Netherlands.

There are a few more things going on.
First there's something to win on the Dutch website Wauw. You can enter the competition by leaving a message with your favorite Essie's product. And maybe you'll be the winner of the check of € 10,- which you can spend in my shop.

And...  I'm designing/sewing some new products. I'm not going to tell you what it's going to be, but it's something with jeans. Just come back here in a couple of weeks.


New fabrics

New fabrics means new products. The little keychain wallets are back. They're just big enough for your creditcard, money and some coins. Aren't they sweet with the cute little animals and flowers?
The wallet with the lamps is a new design with a lot of slots for all your cards.

Also I've been working/designing on a new logo and website for myself. I didn't like the design of it the last few weeks so I decided to make a new logo and a fresh new website. Soon it will be online.


Thank you!!

Today I found two very nice emails in my in-box. One from Sabrina from Sagra design in Germany and the other email came from Jessica from the Mad about pink blog. They both made me happy with pictures of my products.
These pictures came from Sabrina, I wrote about her and her lovely shop before. Now she had made a special 'Essie's table' with all my products available in her shop. How nice!!

This is the other surprise from Jessica. She wrote an article about me&my shop. Because I've made four custum pillow sleeves of Amy Butler fabric for her living and bedroom. She told me she's in love with them, now I can't wait to see pictures of both rooms with my pillows in it.