Featured on 'Oh my so cute'

By accident I discovered that I was featured on the nice blog of 'Oh my so cute'.
Thank you Sesame!!

You can read the entire article here

Pimping my teapot cover

My friend Helga brought a little present for me from Namibia, it's a teapot cover. I decorated it a little bit by sewing a cute cupcake on it. The backside contains pink squares. Isn't he cute..?

Recycle website of the week

Instead of  'Cute shop of the week' I will show you today 'Recycle website of the week'.
And that will be: Recycleart Inspiration brought to you by Neomansland. I just discoverd this wonderful website with very nice recycle projects.
Orphan socks
“We all have orphan socks, victims of the Bermuda Triangle otherwise known as the washer/dryer (and why is it that it’s always the cute ones to lose their partner?), but before you throw them away consider this clever idea.”
Colored pencils
Maria Cristina Bellucci lives and works in Rome. Her collection of colored pencil jewelry is very pleasing to the eye, the medium adding texture and a rainbow of colors to each piece.
DIY: more newspaper baskets
Canadian Living magazine shows us how to make basket from paper, with cute results.


Happy customers




Valentine gift

Yesterday I wrote about the little glimpse of a thing.. A little sooner then I expected the 'things' have arrived today. And here they are: Little cupcake charms!!

Aren't they cute and sweet?
When you purchase for €10,- or more in my shop, you will receive one of those cute cupcake charms which you can attach on your phone, necklace or earrings. A perfect valentine gift for your friend, sister or mother.
I also received a nice photo from a customer, I thinks it's really funny.

I'll translate the Dutch text for you:
Cupcake: 'Am I arrived in the right house?'
Pink bear: 'Yes you are, welcome to the house of Lieve Lyntje (sweet Lyntje)'


Just a little glimpse

I can't wait to show you a little glimpse of a thing I'm very exiting about. It has something to do with some kind of give away. Do you know what it is? And are you curious?? Just keep following my blog next week.


Cute shop of the week

A little late but the cute shop of last week is:

The owner of Tizzalicious Handmade Goodies is Maartje. Her shop is filled with lots of little jewelry like earings, bracelets, necklaces an more and everything is handmade by her. This is the one stop for all your cute & colorful jewelry, accessories, plush, housewares and more. Actually I never wear jewelry beside my watch, but now I know where I can buy cute & sweet present for my girlfriends. She owns a blog to (which handcraft artist does not?)



Little brother&sister

Here they are: a brother and sister for the cupcake softie I've made 2 days ago that I sold they next day. So I decide to make a few new ones. Aren't they cute, I'll make a few more of them soon.


Can't wait to share this..

I can't wait to share this cute cupcake softie with you. Tonight I've finished her and I think she's pretty cute. The cupcake is made of felt and stuffed with fiberfill, she's 14 x 15 cm. and now available in my shop. Because she's a little bit lonely right now, more brothers and sister will follow soon.


Baking real cupcakes

Normally I don't post blogs about anything that's not related to my products. But this time I couldn't resist to post this picture I want to share with you. It's me with my own hand&home made cupcakes. It's the first time I've baked them and they turned out pretty good. I made them especially for a party and I've received a lot of very nice comments, so I think this sure wasn't the last time. I think lately I'm a bit addicted to cupcakes, but who's not...?? They're so cute, sweet, and jummy!


From pieces of felt to cupcakes

Hubby took this picture of my sister and me. She's trying to learn Photoshop, I have to help her sometimes.

And in the meantime I'm sewing pieces of felt into...

...these cute cupcakes.

The weather is going to be really bad over here this weekend, snow and a lot of wind. I think I stay in our house the whole weekend and sew some more cupcake keychains.


Cute shop op the week

And this time cute shop of the week will be....
This nice&sweet shop is from Pamela who lives in The Netherlands but was born in Brazil. She started her shop with the idea of spreading happines all around. Feito Com Amore means 'Made with love'. There are a lot of very nice products in her loja (shop) a few of them are from Brazil or they're made with products from Brazil. My favorite is Canvas Victorian Bird.


Win een Essie's clutch bij Libelle.nl

Sorry again, this competition is for Dutch readers only. I'll try to arrange an international give-away soon. So all you visitors from outside The Netherlands could join also to win a product of Essie's.

Onlangs ontving ik een email van Libelle.nl. Ze vonden mijn producten en website zo mooi. En vroegen of ik het leuk zou vinden als ze een artikel over mijn webshop zouden schrijven. Nou, natuurlijk daar hoef ik niet lang over na te denken, geen probleem. We hebben er meteen maar een win-actie van gemaakt. Je kan een van mij drie clutches winnen en het enige wat je daarvoor hoeft te doen is: naar de website van Libelle.nl gaan en het formulier invullen (eigenlijk is het nog simpeler dan een prijsvraag). De wedstrijd loopt tot 11 januari, dus ga naar Libelle.nl en doe mee!!