Recycle website of the week

Instead of  'Cute shop of the week' I will show you today 'Recycle website of the week'.
And that will be: Recycleart Inspiration brought to you by Neomansland. I just discoverd this wonderful website with very nice recycle projects.
Orphan socks
“We all have orphan socks, victims of the Bermuda Triangle otherwise known as the washer/dryer (and why is it that it’s always the cute ones to lose their partner?), but before you throw them away consider this clever idea.”
Colored pencils
Maria Cristina Bellucci lives and works in Rome. Her collection of colored pencil jewelry is very pleasing to the eye, the medium adding texture and a rainbow of colors to each piece.
DIY: more newspaper baskets
Canadian Living magazine shows us how to make basket from paper, with cute results.

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