Valentine gift

Yesterday I wrote about the little glimpse of a thing.. A little sooner then I expected the 'things' have arrived today. And here they are: Little cupcake charms!!

Aren't they cute and sweet?
When you purchase for €10,- or more in my shop, you will receive one of those cute cupcake charms which you can attach on your phone, necklace or earrings. A perfect valentine gift for your friend, sister or mother.
I also received a nice photo from a customer, I thinks it's really funny.

I'll translate the Dutch text for you:
Cupcake: 'Am I arrived in the right house?'
Pink bear: 'Yes you are, welcome to the house of Lieve Lyntje (sweet Lyntje)'

2 reacties:

Anoniem zei

Och wat een leuke bedels zijn dat!! Grappig dat je de foto ook geplaatst hebt! :) Leuk idee voor valentijnsdag trouwens.

Noni zei

I love it! Snel maar weer wat bestellen... :P