Happy valentine!

I wish you all a happy valentines day!!

Hubby surprised me this morning with a cute valentines present, this Dutch book called 'Naaien enzo' (sewing and more). It's a very nice little book with a lot of tutorials from famous Dutch designers, like skirts, bags, shirts and more.
And yesterday there was a photographer in my house to take some photos of my interieur and my products. She took some very nice photos and they will be published in Yes (a Dutch girl magazine) in April. Of course I'll show the pictures here by then.

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♥Liefgeval♥ zei

Leuk, naaien enzo! Wat lief van je hubby! Ik heb niks gekregen, foei hubby :p. Knuffels enzo is ook heel leuk!
Wat tof dat je ook met je interieur in de Yes komt! Pamela ook toch? Ik ga die Yes zeker aanschaffen, ben wel benieuwd hoe het er bij jou binnen uitziet :p hihi!

Noni zei

Hoe attent! ^-^
Leuk boekje trouwens...